Radio & Podcasts

Woman’s Hour: Adelle Stripe joins Jenni Murray to discuss the continued impact of her work and the current controversy around the staging of Rita, Sue and Bob Too at the Royal Court in London. Listen on BBC Radio 4

Backlisted Podcast: In a special edition recorded earlier this year live at Durham Book Festival, hosts John Mitchinson and Andy Miller are joined by writers Adelle Stripe and Ben Myers to discuss Gordon Burn’s debut novel Alma Cogan. Listen on Soundcloud or iTunes

End of All Things: In this episode, Rob Cutforth chats to debut novelist Adelle Stripe about Capote’s rules for the non-fiction novel, Andrea Dunbar, two pint books, indies v big boys and the perfect length (of a book). Listen on Soundcloud

Free Thinking: Island city mentality or gateway to the world? Hull-based crime writer and former journalist David Mark, poet Adelle Stripe and Slung Low artistic director Alan Lane join Matthew Sweet to debate Hull’s links with the wider world, while playwright Esther Wilson suggest what residents can learn from another port city which has been City of Culture – Liverpool.  Listen on BBC Radio 3


Cock of the North: From Smagghe & Cross’ debut album “MA” (Offen Music 005). Written and produced by Ivan Smagghe & Rupert Cross. Spoken word by Adelle Stripe, from her poem Big Weekend. Recorded at Air Edel by Nick Taylor. Watch on Youtube

The Humber Star: Recorded at John Grant’s North Atlantic Flux for Hull 2017. Performed by Sinfonia UK Collective. Written by Adelle Stripe, read by Vicky Foster. Watch on Vimeo

Bad Blood: Collaborative work with Cherry Kino and C.A.R. Read and written by Adelle Stripe. Watch on Vimeo