Cock of the North: Adelle Stripe with Smagghe & Cross

Music, Poetry

Described by Resident Advisor as a track that ‘snatches you out of the water’, Cock of the North appears on Smagghe & Cross’s new album MA (Offen Music). It’s a short prose piece about Tadcaster in the nineties. Certainly not a track for Blue Mondays but I think it’s turned out well considering the subject matter…

It was recorded at Air Edel in London last year with Ivan and Rupert. The original poem – Big Weekend – is taken from my 2012 poetry collection Dark Corners of the LandI’ve had a few emails about it since the record was released, sadly the book is out of print and in the hands of collectors. The poem features in the PUSH anthology, which is still available from East London Press (for those who really want to read it).

Cock of the North can be listened to on soundcloud or youtube. Or you can download it, or order a copy on vinyl here, complete with an existential football scarf. Linear notes are by Andrew Weatherall, who writes that the album contains “brief flashes of gold [that] disturb the murky slit of memory…”