‘A beautiful period piece of 1980s Britain, as funny and sad as anything by Dunbar herself’ ~ Alex Preston, Observer (Books of the Year 2017)

‘It fizzes like two Disprin in a pint of cider. You can read it in an afternoon and should; there are too few British novels as effervescent and as relevant as this.’ ~Andy Miller, Spectator

‘A strikingly atmospheric novel which captures Dunbar’s experience of poverty and abuse, her quick wit and her flair as a playwright.’ ~ Chris Wiegand, Guardian

‘A brilliant fictionalised account of Dunbar’s short but turbulent life on the broken-down Bradford estate where she lived and died.’ ~ The Herald

‘This vivid debut novel tells the story of the ‘genius of the slums’, who grew up on Bradford’s Buttershaw estate and whose writing painted a blackly comic portrait of “Thatcher’s Britain with her knickers down”.’ ~ New Statesman

‘Snaps and prickles and brings a talented, troubled woman to life… Dunbar’s energy and mischief bubble in the bleakness’ ~ Guardian

‘An elegant, loving, powerful book.’ ~ Caught by the River (Book of the Month)

‘Extraordinary’ ~ Michael Arditti, BBC R4 Saturday Review Podcast

‘It’s a bloody great book’ ~ Backlisted Podcast

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