“A beautiful period piece of 1980s Britain, as funny and sad as anything by Dunbar herself.” ~ The Observer (Books of the Year)

“The author’s voice and Dunbar’s mingle to create not just a portrait of an artist – funny, mischievous, reckless and truthful – but also divisions of class, geography and opportunity which continue to shape this country. You can read it in an afternoon and should; there are too few British novels as effervescent and as relevant as this.” ~ The Spectator

“Snaps and prickles and brings a talented, troubled woman to life. Dunbar’s energy and mischief bubble in the bleakness.” ~ The Guardian

“A vivid debut novel.” ~ New Statesman

“Time and place are realistically evoked and Stripe’s fine toothcomb research and genuine love of her subject are in evidence throughout, as is her own stark, sharp and direct voice.” ~ Loud & Quiet (Books of the Year)

“As in (Carol Morley’s) Dreams of a Life, a life is recreated out of years of meticulous, thoughtful research combined with an extraordinary amount of love.” ~ Caught by the River (Book of the Month)

“Her ear for language serves her well as she expertly captures the rhythm and cadences of Bradford. That Stripe does this in a manner that is honest and not patronising only serves to illuminate her talent.” ~ Bookmunch



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