I have published three small collections of poetry on Blackheath Books, and was commissioned by Hull 2017 to write a narrative poem, The Humber Star, for John Grant’s North Atlantic Flux festival.

Audio versions of my poems can be listened to on Soundcloud and Youtube:

Cock of the North | Beyond the Silver Pit | Bad Blood | The Humber Star | From Sacred Heart

Dark Corners of the Land

Dark Corners of the Land is Adelle Stripe’s third poetry collection on Blackheath Books. These visceral confessional poems explore rural life, strange deaths, hunting, farming and hedonism, set against the backdrop of the small North Yorkshire town where she grew up. 

Cigarettes in Bed

Cigarettes In Bed is an exploration of traditional forms, haiku, couplets, and sonnets with a distinctive modern language. The pamphlet comes as a highly limited chapbook complete with individually ‘hand burned’ holes in the cover. No two editions are the same, making it instantly collectible.

Brutalism One: Nowhere Fast

‘Here’s a laptop. Here’s a spell-check. Now write a book.’ 

In 2006, The Brutalists, a group of young writers (Adelle Stripe, Tony O’Neill and Ben Myers) gained notoriety for their back-to-basics approach to poetry. They were the first literary movement on social media and exploited the form to create a raw and radical style of writing. 

  • Captains of Industry Press (2008)