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25/09/17 – New Statesman has recommended Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile in this week’s The Revenge of the Left edition, ‘“A vivid debut novel. Stripe’s dialogue has a natural quickness and the glimpses inside Dunbar’s head are all the more powerful for being so sparingly deployed.”

05/09/17 – Ursula Doyle, publisher at Fleet (Little, Brown Book Group), has acquired the rights for Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile. The new mass market edition is due to be published in November. More details over at The Bookseller.

30/08/17 – My Musical, literary and cinematic recommendations have appeared on Caught by the River this week, alongside top-tips from the lovely Jeff Barrett & Diva Harris at Heavenly Records.

29/08/17 – Justified and Ancient Seems a Long Time Ago. I have reviewed last weekend’s KLF shindig (Welcome to the Dark Ages) for The Quietus.

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