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10/01/18 – Visit Woman’s Hour on BBC iPlayer to hear me discuss the life and work of Andrea Dunbar with Dame Jenni Murray. The interview was recorded live in Leeds this morning and explores the impact of her work in 2017 and the recent production of Rita at the Royal Court Theatre.

22/12/17 – A crowdfunding campaign for a new Unbound anthology, Common People, edited by Kit de Waal, featuring new and published working class authors, has just been launched. I’m joining writers including Lisa McInerney, Stuart Maconie, Malorie Blackman and Cathy Rentzenbrink by contributing to a collection of essays, poems and personal memoir, with an equal number of brand new as-yet-unpublished writers from all over the UK.

18/12/17 – I have written an article for the New Statesman about the recent uproar over the cancellation of Rita, Sue and Bob Too at the Royal Court.

07/12/17 – Andy Miller has reviewed Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile in this week’s Spectator – “It fizzes like two Disprin in a pint of cider. The author’s voice and Dunbar’s mingle to create not just a portrait of an artist — funny, mischievous, reckless and truthful — but also divisions of class, geography and opportunity which continue to shape this country. You can read it in an afternoon and should; there are too few British novels as effervescent or as relevant as this.”