Backlisted: In a special edition recorded earlier this year live at the Durham Book Festival, hosts John Mitchinson and Andy Miller are joined by writers Adelle Stripe and Ben Myers to discuss Gordon Burn’s debut novel Alma Cogan. The ‘WHWBR?’ slots are occupied by Pevsner’s guide to Durham and The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro.


End of All Things: In this episode, Rob Cutforth chats to debut novelist Adelle Stripe about Capote’s rules for the non-fiction novel, Andrea Dunbar, two pint books, indies v big boys and the perfect length (of a book). Rob and new co-host, Kate Feld also chat about book stuff, lit nights, karaoke (why?) and the usual BS that tends to come up when they get together. Oddly, they don’t whinge about the UK in this episode even once.


Cock of the North: D2 from Smagghe & Cross’ debut album “MA” (Offen Music 005). Written and produced by Ivan Smagghe & Rupert Cross. Spoken word by Adelle Stripe, from her poem Big Weekend (Blackheath Books). Recorded at Air Edel by Nick Taylor.


Beyond the Silver Pit: Recording of Adelle Stripe’s poem, Beyond the Silver Pit, read by Russ Litten and produced at Engine 7 in Hull. This project was developed with Curated Place for Enlighten Festival 2015 and appeared at Manchester Central Library as an audio installation.






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