Brutalism One: Nowhere Fast

Brutalism One: Nowhere Fast, Captains of Industry Press, 2007

‘Here’s a laptop. Here’s a spell-check. Now write a book.’

In 2006, The Brutalists, a group of young writers (Adelle Stripe, Tony O’Neill and Ben Myers) gained notoriety for their back-to-basics approach to poetry. They were the first literary movement on social media and exploited the form to create a raw and radical style of writing.

Dogmatika called the collection “a symphony of the housing estates” while The Guardian wondered “are we witnessing the creation of literary history right under our noses?”

Inspired by the music of punk and reggae, comics and kitchen sink cinema, these were bare-knuckle poems of violence, paranoia, cheap sex, eccentric characters and a desire to escape.

Nowhere Fast was published in 2008 on Captains of Industry Press.