Remembering Brutalism

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Beulah Devaney has written a retrospective of The Brutalists in Vice Magazine this week:

“Adelle Stripe, Ben Myers and Tony O’Neill; three Myspace-centric Northern writers who wrote poems called things like “Piss Town” and opened their January 2007 manifesto with: “We are the brutalists – fuck you”. Brutalism rejected what its founders considered the homogenisation of mainstream publishing, calling for “raw”, “honest” fiction and declaring that; “[The] only maxim we adhere to is an old punk belief, which we have bastardised for our own means: Here’s a laptop. Here’s a spell-check. Now write a novel…”

The Year of Reading Women


I am honoured to be included in Joanna Walsh’s Read Women 2014 list of 250 female writers you must read this year.

The recent campaign, based on a series of Cartes de Voeux (a French tradition of New Year cards), features five illustrated bookmarks by Joanna Walsh of Gertrude Stein, Deborah Levy, Simone de Beauvoir, Marguerite Duras, Anne Carson and Djuna Barnes.

To read more about the campaign follow the twitter hashtag #readwomen2014 or visit the Guardian’s article online: “Female authors are marginalised by newspapers and literary journals, and their books are given ‘girly’ covers. Take action against this inequality by making sure the next book you read is by a woman…”

Bad Blood: A Cinepoem

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It has been a year in the pipeline so I’m delighted to finally share Bad Blood – a collaboration with filmmaker Martha Jurksaitis (Cherry Kino) and C.A.R. (Chloe Raunet).

The poem is taken from my collection Dark Corners of the Land, it was recorded by Chloe in her studio at home in Dalston, and was mixed in Paris. This is the first time I’ve done a spoken word track, it reminds me of Mogwai. Chloe recently appeared on Gesaffelstein’s LP, and she’s about to release a new single ‘Spitfire’. Check out her video HIJK. It’s quite special.

The analogue film was made on Super-8 by Martha, with footage shot in Finland. It was developed in the dark room at Patrick Studios. It’s quite Watcher in the Woods. Martha is the Queen of Wondermental Cinema, and lives in Shipley. You can see some of her films here. Enough to set your mind alight. The film has just made the official selection for the 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge [DLX], Feb 6-16th, 2014 at Naherholung SternchenMore details can be found here.