Sweating Tears with Fat White Family

Publisher: Rough Trade Books (2019)

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A revealing examination of the dysfunctional songwriting partnership at the heart of one of Britain’s most unpredictable and controversial contemporary rock ’n’ roll bands, Sweating Tears with Fat White Family features candid interviews by author Adelle Stripe with Fat White Family singer Lias Saoudi and guitarist Saul Adamczewski. From childhood traumas to adult squalor and critical success, it is a tale of bitterness, humour, excess, cruelty, and the vile affections that bind this exceptional pairing on their continued Orphean descent into the underworld.

This exclusive edition features demonic engravings by printmaker Lisa Cradduck, inspired by Berber folklore and the grotesque 16th century drolleries of Richard Breton.


Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile

Publisher: Fleet / Little, Brown Book Group (2017)

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A compelling debut novel that heralds a bright new voice on the literary scene: shortlisted for the 2017 Gordon Burn Prize.

Best known for her classic black comedy Rita, Sue and Bob Too, Andrea Dunbar wrote three plays before dying at a tragically young age. This new literary portrayal features a cast of real and imagined characters set against the backdrop of the infamous Buttershaw estate during the Thatcher era. A bittersweet tale of the north/south divide, it reveals how a shy teenage girl defied the circumstances into which she was born and went on to become one of her generation’s greatest dramatists. Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile is a poignant piece of kitchen sink noir that tells Dunbar’s compelling story in print for the very first time.

ISBN: 9780708898956 


Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile (Modern Plays)

Publisher: Methuen Drama (2019)

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“Writing is the hardest thing I’ve done. It’s a grind. You see me up here and you think I’ve made it. But it’s not all it’s cracked up to be…”

The Beacon, Buttershaw 1990. Andrea Dunbar, acclaimed writer of Rita, Sue, and Bob Too, mum, sister, best friend, is struggling with her latest work. Her aching head is full of voices, stories from her past which have to be heard…

A bittersweet tale of the north/south divide, it reveals how a shy teenage girl defied the circumstances into which she was born and went on to become one of her generation’s greatest dramatists.

Adelle Stripe’s ‘outstanding debut novel’ of Andrea Dunbar’s life is adapted for the stage by Lisa Holdsworth. This edition was published to coincide with the stage premiere at the Ambassador Theatre, Bradford in May 2019.

ISBN: 9781350135925


Common People: An Anthology of Working-Class Writers

Publisher: Unbound (2019)

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Common People is a collection of essays, poems and memoir written in celebration, not apology: these are narratives rich in barbed humour, reflecting the depth and texture of working-class life, the joy and sorrow, the solidarity and the differences, the everyday wisdom and poetry of the woman at the bus stop, the waiter, the hairdresser.

Here, Kit de Waal brings together thirty-three established and emerging writers who invite you to experience the world through their eyes, their voices loud and clear as they reclaim and redefine what it means to be working class.

Features original pieces from Damian Barr, Malorie Blackman, Lisa Blower, Jill Dawson, Louise Doughty, Stuart Maconie, Chris McCrudden, Lisa McInerney, Paul McVeigh, Daljit Nagra, Dave O’Brien, Cathy Rentzenbrink, Anita Sethi, Tony Walsh, Alex Wheatle, Adelle Stripe and more.

ISBN: 9781783527458


Alma Cogan, Gordon Burn

Publisher: Faber & Faber (2019)

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In his classic debut novel, Gordon Burn takes Britain’s biggest selling vocalist of the 1950s and turns her story into an equation of celebrity and murder.

Fictional characters jostle for space with real life stars – from John Lennon to Doris Day and Sammy Davis Jnr – as Burn, in a breathtaking act of appropriation, reinvents the popular culture of the post-war years.

As beautifully written as it is disturbing, Alma Cogan remains a stingingly relevant exploration of the sad, dark underside of fame. Includes a new introduction by Adelle Stripe.

ISBN: 9780571347285 


Spring: An Anthology for the Changing Seasons

Publisher: Elliott & Thompson (2016)

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It is a time of awakening. In our ­fields, hedgerows and woodlands, our beaches, cities and parks, an almost imperceptible shift soon becomes a riot of sound and colour: winter ends, and life surges forth once more.

Whether in town or country, we all share in this natural rhythm, in the joy and anticipation of the changing year.

In prose and poetry both old and new, Spring mirrors the unfolding of the season, inviting us to see what’s around us with new eyes.

Edited by Melissa Harrison, it features original writing by Rob Cowen, Miriam Darlington, Stephen Moss, George Orwell, Clare Leighton, H. E. Bates, and fresh new voices from across the UK. This is an original and inspiring collection of nature writing that brings the British springtime to life in all its vivid glory.

Features ‘First Milk’ by Adelle Stripe.

ISBN: 9781783962235


Dark Corners of the Land

Publisher: Blackheath Books (2012)

Dark Corners of the Land is Adelle Stripe’s third poetry collection on Blackheath Books. These visceral confessional poems explore rural life, strange deaths, hunting, farming and hedonism, set against the backdrop of the small North Yorkshire town where she grew up.

The handmade chapbook features a stencilled barb wire spray-painted cover; the first 50 copies have a vintage Brooke Bond Tea Card ‘Wild Birds of Britain’ by C.F. Tunnicliffe enclosed, each one is signed by the author.

Printmaker Lisa Cradduck has created an exclusive print of the poet which also features in the book.

The handmade cloth-bound hardback edition is signed by the author.

All copies are out of print

ISBN: 9781906099299


PUSH – The Best of the First Ten Issues

Publisher: East London Press (2014)

Anthology of PUSH Magazine – Sold on the Street Literature featuring Adelle Stripe’s poem ‘Big Weekend’.

East London Press are proud to bring together some of the finest writing, artwork, and literary interviews from the 1st ten editions of the runaway success that is PUSH Magazine.

Featuring cult writing, literary interviews and subversive artwork. At 200 pages the book also includes photographs and artwork from the original ten magazines.


Untitled One: Neu Reekie

Publisher: Birlinn (2015)

A poetry anthology boasting some of the UK’s most exciting voices who have all shared the Neu! Reekie! bill. Many of the works are new, many are favourites read at the events; all are savoured, sublime, sumptuous voices within poetry already – with the exception of Aidan Moffat of Arab Strap and Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit – who are ferocious forces within music and beyond.

Contributors include: Irvine Welsh, Douglas Dunn, Liz Lochhead, Ron Butlin and Tom Leonard; as well as younger blood such as: Jenni Fagan, Hollie McNish and William Letford. Accompanying the book is a 20 track compilation album, artists include: Jesus, Baby; Emelle;The Merrylees; Stanley Odd; TeenCanteen and Young Fathers.

Features ‘Big Weekend’ and ‘Sacred Heart’ by Adelle Stripe.

ISBN: 9781846973345


Sweet is the Taste of Tears: Akiko Yosano

Publisher: Tangerine Press (2014)

Sequences taken from the landmark debut collection Tangled Hair. Akiko Yosano (1878-1942) remains one of the most famous and controversial poets in Japanese literature.

16 pages. Format approx. 6″/150mm wide x 300mm/12″ tall. Handsewn at the Sick Tangerine workshop. Recycled Cairn almond stiff card covers; front cover artwork embossed in black. Heritage book white text paper; Katazome-Shi endpapers, with a base colour of fuchsia with symmetrical patternation in various colours: all hand printed in Japan (one side only).

Selected with an afterword by Adelle Stripe.

All copies are out of print


Cigarettes in Bed

Publisher: Blackheath Books (2009)

Cigarettes In Bed is an exploration of traditional forms, haiku, couplets, and sonnets with a distinctive modern language. Inspired equally as much by the wilderness poets of Ancient China as she is by Coleridge and Blake her clear and concise diction is applied to the landscapes of The North – and the people who live within it. 

Cigarettes In Bed comes as a highly limited chapbook complete with individually ‘hand burned’ holes in the cover. No two editions are the same, making it instantly collectible.

All copies are out of print

ISBN: 9781906099176


Some Things are Better Left Unsaid

Publisher: Blackheath Books (2008)

Adelle Stripe’s debut poetry collection on Blackheath Books.

Collectively the works form a portrait of a wild imagination disciplined enough to nail down clear lines with intimacy and economy.

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid is part confession, part protest – and was described as ‘a self assured debut from a country girl finding her balance in the heart of the East End.’

All copies are out of print

ISBN: 9781906099091


Brutalism One: Nowhere Fast

Publisher: Captains of Industry Press (2008)

‘Here’s a laptop. Here’s a spell-check. Now write a book.’

In 2006, The Brutalists, a group of young writers (Adelle Stripe, Tony O’Neill and Ben Myers) gained notoriety for their back-to-basics approach to poetry. They were the first literary movement on social media and exploited the form to create a raw and radical style of writing.

Dogmatika called the collection “a symphony of the housing estates” while The Guardian wondered “are we witnessing the creation of literary history right under our noses?”

Inspired by the music of punk and reggae, comics and kitchen sink cinema, these were bare-knuckle poems of violence, paranoia, cheap sex, eccentric characters and a desire to escape.

All copies are out of print