Black Teeth at Fleet


News just in: I am pleased to finally announce that my debut novel, Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile, will be published by Fleet on November 3rd. The second edition appears as a B-format paperback original and e-book.

A literary imprint from Little, Brown Book Group, Fleet launched in the spring of 2016. A small list of between eight and ten titles a year, it publishes both fiction and non-fiction, in hardback, paperback, and e-book formats. The colophon, an upright hare, poised for action, embodies its spirit: inquiring, alert, responsive and with a dusting of magic.

Here’s what The Bookseller had to say:

“Fleet has acquired Adelle Stripe’s debut novel, Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile, first published in July by Hull-based indie Wrecking Ball Press and shortlisted for the Gordon Burn Prize.

The book was inspired by the life and work of the Bradford playwright, Andrea Dunbar, best known for her 1980s black comedy, Rita, Sue and Bob Too. Dunbar wrote three plays before she died in 1990 aged 29 from a brain haemorrhage. Her first, The Arbor was based on her experience of stillbirth aged 15.

Stripe’s portrayal of the working-class playwright is described by Fleet as “an unforgettable piece of kitchen-sink noir” that reveals how a shy and skint teenage girl defied her circumstances to become one of her generation’s greatest dramatists. It features both real and imagined characters and is set on the Buttershaw council estate in Bradford during the Thatcher years.

Ursula Doyle, publisher of Fleet, commented: “Adelle’s novel is a moving but never sentimental portrait of the artist as a young woman – one who died far too soon. Andrea’s genius survives in her work; here Adelle Stripe portrays the struggles that lay behind her extraordinary achievements. It is a truly remarkable novel, which I am very proud to be publishing on the Fleet list.”

The deal for the book was handled by Matthew Hamilton of Aitken Alexander. Fleet will publish Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile as a B-format paperback original in November.”

More details at Little, Brown Book Group

  • Pages : 256
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Fleet (Little, Brown Book Group)
  • ISBN : 978-0708898956
  • Released : Second Edition / 3rd November 2017


Reviews ~

Observer (Books of the Year): “A beautiful period piece of 1980s Britain, as funny and sad as anything by Dunbar herself.”

The Spectator: “It fizzes like two Disprin in a pint of cider. The author’s voice and Dunbar’s mingle to create not just a portrait of an artist — funny, mischievous, reckless and truthful — but also divisions of class, geography and opportunity which continue to shape this country. You can read it in an afternoon and should; there are too few British novels as effervescent or as relevant as this.”

Guardian: “Snaps and prickles and brings a talented, troubled woman to life. Dunbar’s energy and mischief bubble in the bleakness.”

New Statesman: “Stripe’s dialogue has a natural quickness and the glimpses inside Dunbar’s head are all the more powerful for being so sparingly deployed.”

Morning Star: “Fresh and impressive. She is the natural inheritor of Nell Dunn, sensibly eschewing symbolism in favour of a grubbier, jagged economy of expression. A quiet precise genius informs every page.”

Caught by the River (Book of the Month): “An elegant, loving, powerful book.”

Yorkshire Post: “Stitched together from letters and scripts, newspaper cutting and fractured memory, it is an undeniably harsh, yet fair portrait of one of the UK’s most original voices.”

Backlisted: “It’s a bloody great book.”




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