Latete Atoto 08/03

Latete Atoto

On Sunday 8th March tune in to NTS Live for Latete Atoto. I’ll be chatting to DJ Chloe Raunet aka C.A.R. for a special International Women’s Day broadcast.

We’ll play a few records, have a chat about Akiko Yosano & Andrea Dunbar ~ and maybe read some poems if we have time. And plenty of larking about of course…

NTS is an online radio station based in Dalston. It hosts a diverse range of live radio shows with the tagline ‘Don’t Assume’ that sums up its diversity and radical programming. Last year NTS won the 2014 best online radio station in the world award from Mixcloud at the official International Radio Awards Festival.

You can listen to the show on catch-up via this link or through NTS MixCloud / iTunes etc. Turn on, tune in, drop out…



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