My Generation

On The Door, Duchess Of York, Leeds, copyright @ Andrew Bannerman-Bayles

A new exhibition of photographs opens this week in Leeds. I’ve been helping put it together as part of my day job at East Street Arts. Curating is a new experience – something that I’ve always watched from afar. I tend to write about the curated show, rather than make any of the decisions myself. So this has been fun.

It’s been a bit of a trip back in time, one of the photographers, Andrew Bannerman-Bayles, is an old friend of mine. I hadn’t seen him since 1998, the last time we spoke he gave me a vinyl copy of This Mortal Coil’s Song to the Siren. I knew him as ‘Dallas’ back then.

I lived in a Co-operative house in Woodhouse in the late nineties. My friends were anarchists, punks, revolutionary socialists, artists, wreck-heads and hippies. Some of them are in the selected shots in the exhibition. These are people and places that were familiar to me in my misspent youth. I’ve written a few words about it in the exhibition guide.

If you want to go and see it, My Generation opens on October 4th at The Reliance on North Street and West Yorkshire Playhouse’s Newlyn Gallery – it has been put together to coincide with Alice Nutter’s play of the same title which also opens this week in the city…