Dark Corners Hardback

Dark Corners of the Land Hardback

The new hardback edition of Dark Corners of the Land is now available to buy via Blackheath Books. It has a spine and everything! To a book nerd like me, that’s quite a big development. Can finally call myself ‘a proper writer’.

Handmade by Geraint Hughes at the Blackheath Manufactory in Pembrokeshire, these limited edition books have cloth covers (spray painted with barb wire), and a signed Brooke Bond tea card by E.V. Petts ‘Freshwater Fish’ enclosed. The books also include an image Lumb Falls, by Printmaker Lisa Cradduck.

The first edition has now sold out. There are a couple of copies available at the Albion Beatnik Bookshop in Oxford, but those are the remaining few. Catch them whilst you can.

Dark Corners of the Land was 3:AM Magazine’s Poetry Book of the Year 2012 & was also a Scotsman Book of the Year. Poems from the collection appeared in the Morning Star, Caught by the River, The Penny Dreadful, Pearl Magazine, Silver Anthology and Mineshaft amongst others.

Blackheath Books consistently make collectable editions, publishing some of the most unique writers in the poetry underground. Jenni Fagan, Billy Childish, Joe Ridgwell, Ford Dagenham, Steve Ely, and Ben Myers have all published collections with Blackheath, which is all the more reason to take a closer look…

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