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Blue Plaque

Thanks to everyone who came along to my book launch in Leeds last month. All of the Brooke Bond tea card editions have sold out. There are still a few left at Blackheath but they’re selling quick.

An interview with King Crow Michael Stewart has appeared online, and there’s also an article with Darran Anderson on 3:AM Magazine where I discuss some of the peculiar things I have in my office. One of my favourite book websites, BookStorey, has posted a review of the book “As the title suggests, this is not a cosy and comforting slice of rural life; instead you will find candidly raw and disquieting memories that make this collection both haunting and deeply moving…”

I’m honoured to be featured on there. It’s a haven for bibliophiles.

If you’re anywhere near Oxford in March, I’ll be reading at the Albion Bookstore with Claire Trevien and Anna Percy as part of the Not The Oxford Literary Festival, organised by Eight Cuts Gallery. Come along and say hello.

One my new book’s central poems, Bad Blood, features in issue one of Irish literary journal The Penny Dreadful. I have recently recorded Bad Blood as a spoken word track with my friend Chloe and will post it online when it appears.

Another poem, Self Burial, appears in How Dirty Girls Get Clean: An Anthology of Wicked Women Writes, Art & Subversive Scholarship Vol. 2  in the US in 2013. Stolen Kiss features in the beautiful new edition of Mineshaft Magazine alongside exclusive work by R. Crumb, Aline Kominsky Crumb, Billy Childish, J.R. Helton, and Luca Donnini, available via their website. Quietism has also been accepted by LA publishing house Silver Birch Press for their forthcoming anniversary anthology, out before xmas.

From next week I’ll be knuckling down to my PhD research, which means a self-imposed ban from the internet and general procrastinating duties. I’m studying at the University of Huddersfield, so not too far down the road. My research is based on the life of Andrea Dunbar so I’ll also be spending quite a bit of time lurking on the fringes of Bradford. This is a three year project so no more poetry for a while – though from experience, they may be my famous last words.

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